100 ml Oil
15 gms Garlic Paste recipeicon_03
10 gms Red Chilli Powder
10 gms Coriander Powder
8 gms Cumin Powder
10 gms Turmeric Powder
15 gms Zaater Powder
100gms Gluten Free bread crumbs
800 gms Chickpea Paste
To taste Salt
10 pcs Gluten Free Buns
50 gms Avocado Aioli
3 leaves Lettuce
75 gms Cucumber
75 gms Tomato

Gluten Free Miraya Chickpea Paste Burger


    10 Minutes

  • SERVES 10


Avocado Aioli – 1 ripe avocado, 1 cup Miraya Chickpea Paste, 2 tblspn yoghurt, ½ tspn Miraya Garlic Paste, lime juice, salt and pepper to taste. Blend all the ingredients together to make aioli.

Heat oil in a heavy wok, add Miraya Garlic Paste and sauté for few minutes. Add all the spices (mixed with water to make paste, to avoid burning) and stir fry for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Add Miraya Chickpea Paste and Stir fry on a low heat until it reaches the temp of 85*C or the mixture seems to be greasy. Add Gluten-free bread crumbs and mix thoroughly.Cool the mixture and divide it into 10 equal portions. Broil the patties while browning them on both sides equally.

Cut the buns and toast both inner sides. Apply Avocado Aioli and arrange lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and Chickpea patty. Secure with Burger sticks.